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Public Commentary

  Chelsea Now
    Vol. 3, #16
  Art + Auction
    March 2009

Kusin & Company is an institutional economic research firm focused exclusively on the movement of fine art, decorative art, and antiquities.

The Company has developed proprietary databases and analytic frameworks to enable global participants in the art economy - including financial intermediaries and wealth managers - to assess and manage their risks uniquely, and to make decisions based upon rigorously derived facts rather than supposition.

The summation of its client work - in both microeconomic and macroeconomic engagements - is to enhance substantially the quality of their managerial decision making and, as relevant, their profitability.

Clients include

 art dealers and auctioneers

 dealer trade associations

 government agencies and cabinet-level departments

 professional advisors to private and institutional collectors

 banks and other financial intermediaries

    - private banks
    - private equity investors
    - trust and estate fiduciaries

 professional firms specializing in wealth management

 art museums

 associations of art & antiques appraisers

 news organizations

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