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Public Commentary

  Chelsea Now
    Vol. 3, #16
  Art + Auction
    March 2009

Field Research & Polling

For too long, the art trade has been incorrectly viewed as intractably opaque, a judgment that events of the past quarter century - advances in technology, government regulations, and banking requirements, to name a few - have rendered largely obsolete. The small number of research reports dealing with the art economy that did exist typically stated that there were no data available to measure or analyze the vast and various markets maintained by dealers of art and antiques.

The most successful dealers, and their trade associations, now correctly understand that the complete globalization of the art sector requires the attainment of consistency in business practices and marketplace transparency. Particularly in Europe, because of the imposition across the European Union of taxes and regulations that have driven much of the highest value commerce in art abroad, dealers and auctioneers are in accord with the desirability for all market participants to assist in the process of gaining transparency and efficiency in their marketplaces.

So Kusin & Company has included two crucial tasks at the core of its research. Their summation provides comprehensive independence and reality as a basis for economic analysis and (in rare instances) forecasting, to inform the sector and others about it, and to provide facts rather than supposition as a basis for planning, sound management, and financial decisions.

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